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Vilamoura Victoria Golf Course

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Vilamoura Victoria Golf Course Pro Overview

by the Course Professional(s)

Hole Professional Tips
1 The opening shot of the round is very generous. The fairway is slightly downhill and very wide, it is guarded by bunkers on both sides. All players should favour the right side if they want a comfortable shot to the green. The left trap protecting the green is very demanding so try to play safe when the pin is on the left side.European Tour Masters ranking - 4.04 avg
2 This hole is short but should not be taken lightly. The fairway is framed by bunkers, at times an iron from the tee is a very smart play. The green is slightly elevated and has two platforms. Beware of the bunkers that protect the green, they are very deep and have great contours.European Tour Masters ranking - 3.73 avg
3 This long Par 5 is straight and very well protected by a huge bunker that runs along the left side of the fairway. A beautiful tree guards the left side of the landing area from the tee. Always try to position the second shot away from the big bunker and try leaving yourself a comfortable wedge from the left side of the fairway. The green is elevated and very visible since the flag stands out and waves on the skyline. The long hitter can reach this green in two, but his second shot must be very accurate, as the entrance to the green is narrow and well surrounded by trouble.European Tour Masters ranking - 4.05 avg, and played as a par4
4 A dogleg to the left, this is one of the shortest Par 4's on the course. It is also one of the most distinctive drive-and-pitch holes a golfer could wish for. The perfect drive should carry the bunkers on the left-hand side of the fairway (238 meters from the back tee). From the landing area on the left side of the fairway, only a short iron is needed but the green is protected by a 'deep bunker' on the right and a tree on the left. When the pin is “tucked” behind the bunker, the shot becomes a true finesse challenge. The green is fairly large, has a ridge down the middle, and slopes gently from front to back.European Tour Masters ranking - 3.68 avg
5 From the back tees this is probably one of the course's most difficult holes. A long and accurate tee shot is demanded, since the fairway is very narrow and the landing area is protected by “Out of Bounds”. The approach shot to the elevated green is also difficult, since three frontal bunkers are guarding the putting surface. Only long hitters can go for this green in two, always favor the right side to avoid the traps and contours on the narrow entrance.European Tour Masters ranking - 4.50 avg
6 The longest Par 3 of the golf course has a large and slightly sinuous green, but it settles into the hillside, with fall-away slopes on the left and back, protected by three bunkers. A shot missed to the left will leave the player with a very difficult pitch. There is also trouble to the right of the green. A deep grassy pocket backed by a sloppy area awaits pushed shots.European Tour Masters ranking - 3.02 avg
7 This is a very tough dogleg to the left; the preferred shot from the tee is to carry the edge of the lake which stands 221 meters from the back tee. A good tee shot will allow the player to have an easier shot to the green. Try to avoid the right hand side of the fairway, it is well protected by bunkers and the hole will become much longer. The green is quite flat but well protected by traps and contours. Par's on this hole feel like birdies.European Tour Masters ranking hcp-1 - 4.23 avg
8 This is the course's shortest Par 3. The view from the tee is fantastic: the player has a short iron to the green but a very large bunker waiting for all the bad shots. The green is huge and three putts are very frequent. The main difficulty of this hole lies on the tricky pin positions the green-keeper might decide to set up. Regardless of the short length of this par 3, it is very technical and all players must focus on the breaks of the green.European Tour Masters ranking hcp-8 - 2.93 avg
9 This is one of the most difficult Par 4's, it is long and the green is elevated. The naturalized bunkers (waste areas) on both sides of the fairway require a straight and accurate drive. When attacking the green, be aware of the two small but incommodious bunkers on the right side and the Carob tree on the left. The green slopes slightly from front to back and from right to left. This hole is another example of Palmer's brilliance when designing this course; every detail can cost the player an extra shot.European Tour Masters ranking hcp-7 - 3.98 avg
10 The undulating fairway creates the illusion that this 371m hole is shorter than it actually is. Sometimes an iron or 3 wood is a good idea from the tee. Length is not vital, accuracy with the tee shot is more important. Avoid the bunkers on both sides of the fairway and aim for the middles of the green to avoid troubles. The bunker on the left side of the green is a real though one.European Tour Masters ranking hcp-12 - 3.84 avg
11 First hole of 'Victoria corner' . This is a slight dogleg to the left. A huge lake runs along the left side of the entire hole. The tee shot is simply spectacular, the landing area is tight and the bunkers on the right don't leave to much room for those who try to avoid the water on the left. So an accurate and straight drive is required. When the pin is hidden on the left side, the second shot becomes much more difficult. There is no room for error since the green is also protected by a beach bunker. The green is very demanding; it has several difficult breaks and slopes.European Tour Masters ranking - 9 - 3.90 avg
12 Second hole of 'Victoria Corner' . Also one the most beautiful holes on the course. The strategy will vary according to the players' skills. The tee shot leaves no room for mistake, with the water on the left and the huge bunker on the right. Most players should play safe and lay up their second shot somewhere short of the lake or on the right hand side of the fairway. This will leave a comfortable short iron approach to the pin.European Tour Masters ranking -16 - 4.51 avg
13 The view from the tee is spectacular: the player is 6 metres above the level of the green and has a complete view of the beach bunkers that encroach right up to the green surface itself. Though large, this green is difficult to putt, with an upper tier at the back that falls towards the front and right. The target area therefore is small. The green has the potential for some complicated pin placements for championship play. Missing right leaves a very difficult up and down chance. Without doubt, the most demanding of the entire par 3's on the course.European Tour Masters ranking - 10 - 2.89 avg
14 This is probably one of the most beautiful holes of the course. It has two fairways separated by a water-line and a few waterfalls. There are two ways of playing this hole. One is playing the tee shot towards the left fairway, there's only a small bunker, but the second shot becomes much longer and difficult. The elevated green, the water hazard and the stone wall bordering the green make this hole a true challenge. The other way of playing this hole is reserved for long hitters, the right fairway is wide but you must fly the lake which is 200 meters away from the back tee. The reward for taking the “tiger” line is a shorter and more comfortable second shot. The green is very fast but with true breaks.European Tour Masters ranking - 11 - 3.88 avg
15 This is the shortest Par 4 on the course. A relatively easy hole without any great difficulties except for the green configuration. The fairway is protected by a huge bunker on the right of the landing area. Normally, only a short iron is required for the second shot. Be aware of the depression before the green as well as the deep bunker in front, it gets difficult when playing from there. The green has two platforms and some very difficult pin positions.European Tour Masters ranking - 14 - 3.68 avg
16 This is a long Par 3 well protected by bunkers. A very accurate shot is required in order to reach from the tee. The green is fairly large, has a ridge down the middle and slopes gently from front to back. Study the contours carefully before taking your putts.European Tour Masters ranking - 3 - 3.07 avg
17 This is an Arnold Palmer masterpiece. Considered as the 'signature hole', with 538 meters from the back tee, it is the longest one of the course. The hole has a total of twelve water cascades bordering the right side of the hole, apart of several bunkers bordering the fairway. The approach to the green, which is surrounded by water, is extremely difficult. Those who are tempted to reach the green in two will have to be extremely precise, since, this is the smallest green on the course. There is simply no room for mistakes.European Tour Masters ranking - 15 - 4.64 avg
18 With no doubt this is the most difficult and longest Par 4 on the course. A water hazard borders the left side of the fairway and several bunkers protect the right side. The tee shot must be long and accurate if you want to putt for birdie. The second shot is usually against the wind so it can become a real challenge. The green has the potential for some complicated pin placements. One of golf's greatest finishing holes, a true work of art from Arnold Palmer. European Tour Masters ranking - 2 - 4.08 avg
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