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Vilamoura Millennium Golf Course

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Golf Community Reviews

Real players reviews on Vilamoura Millennium Golf Course

  • Ron McLachlan 2014-01-21 17:27:43

    On a beautiful warm and sunny January day.......well it was for 5 or 10 minutes from time to time!
    Seriously, in between a couple of substantial showers and occasional light drizzle two groups still enjoyed the delights of the Millennium course.

    Millennium is a Par 72 golf course located in Vilamoura. Open since 2000 it has become the most popular in the Algarve. It is not a hilly course and so if you enjoy a walk you can do without the buggy. It is regarded as a fairly forgiving course, and one to build a good score on. If you're on a golfing trip it is ideal to start your game here to iron out all those faults before taking on tougher courses.

    It is quite an open course and the front 9 has 5 holes set between pine trees, making it a more aesthetically pleasing experience, but on the other hand also more challenging, with narrower fairways.

    The back 9 is easier all around, slightly shorter, with a total change of scenery into open spaces, allowing mainstream golfers to hit the green in regulation. It is a really pleasant golf course to play.

    On the day the majority of our golfers scored in the 30’s and so the damp weather didn’t intimidate us too much.

    Nearest the Pin at the short 15th was Tracey McCall who also triumphed in the individual competition, with a score of 34 points. He won only due to having the best back 9 pipping Steve Jinks into 2nd place. Steve in turn only overcame Carlos Ferreira due to a better last 6 holes.

    As is often the case after a game in trying conditions, the post match banter was particularly enjoyable. With Parky’s kitchen closed for holidays, we again were treated to nibbles of spare ribs, chips and bread served up by Felipe and his staff at Chez Carlos.

  • Chez Carlos Golf Society 2011-09-12 16:41:56

    This was the last weekend to take full advantage of the 'Summer Special' deal by Oceanico as it closes the 15th September. Golfers are begining to realise this is a good time to come over and play and hence the last few days have seen the families head back to the new school year and the avid golfers to arrive.

    An ensemble of twelve players gathered for today's betterball stableford game. On this occasion we used the slope rate system which Millennium records a '120' - this resulted in many players taking a handicap reduction. The course was presented very well. The odd rainy day we enjoyed a week ago had seemed to aid its presentation and to making for fast greens. A busy course meant for a slower round than normal so players were ready for some liquid refreshment once again in Parkies Bar along with some freshly cooked pizza.

  • Chez Carlos Golf Society 2010-07-26 09:36:36

    Millennium GC was our venue for the Individual Stableford this Saturday.
    This course provides the chance to score well, but with varying pace on several of the greens, with patchwork quilts on some, and snail pace golfers in front for all of the 18 holes it took the toll on some of us.
    The 5 holes in the trees on the first 9 are always a pleasure to play, and are not complemented by the 1st, 2nd, 8th and 9th, however the trees on these holes are now getting bigger and soon will be a bit more daunting.
    The back nine normally lends itself to better scoring, and this proved the case this week with most players in the top half having improved back nines.

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