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Vila Sol Golf Course Pro Overview

by the Course Professional(s)

Hole Professional Tips
1 Keep it right all the way. Your approach shot is better off on the right side.
2 Important to hit this fairway; a driver is not mandatory. Again, keep it right off the fairway.
3 Stroke 1. Long hitters can aim left over the tree. High handicappers must keep it right to a shot at the green. Once on the green, trouble is not over; keep the ball below the hole to have a chance to make a putt.
4 Long Par 3, with the safe side being the right-part of the green.
5 Long hitters cannot flirt with the lake beyond the fairway. Cutting off the dog-leg leaves a shorter shot to the green. But beware of the lake on the right.
6 Hit the Tee-shot as close to the lake as possible to have a chance to clear it for the higher handicappers, or a chance to go for it for the longer hitters. Keep it left on the approach shot to avoid the bunker on the right.
7 First you need distance, and then you need accuracy. Good luck.
8 Unless you are Tiger Woods, play this as a 3 shot hole. Aim at the cork tree off the tee, and then lay-up short of the creek in front of the green.
9 Short Par 4; no need for long shot off the tee. Crucial to hit the fairway to have an easy approach shot.
10 Dog-leg left, but keep it right off the tee for a full view of the green. Accuracy is important on the approach shot to avoid a bunker and a slope around the green.
11 Keep it left off the tee to avoid rolling into the trees. Approach shot is better off left to avoid trouble on the right. Birdie hole if played correctly.
12 Dog-leg left; hit the middle of the fairway to avoid trouble left. The approach shot always plays longer than expected.
13 Aim for the centre of the green, this will leave you with an easy putt, regardless pin position.
14 Hit tee shot towards the left side of fairway. Lay-up short of the lake in front of the green with your second shot. Keep ball below the hole for an easier putt.
15 Tough Par 3; for the bold go for the pin, for the less bold hit it short or left. Don’t flirt with the green-side bunker.
16 Dog-leg right; aim for the right side of the fairway to avoid rolling off the left. Approach shot plays a little longer than expected. Hit an extra club.
17 Narrow fairway, and the longer you hit it, the narrower the fairway becomes. Big bunker on the left-side of the fairway, and small green for the approach shot.
18 Dog-leg left; where long-hitters can cut the corner, and short-hitters must keep it right to have a clear view to the green. This green slopes left to right.
19 Hit it straight all the way! What you see is what you get.
20 Big green, but the centre of the green is a must regardless of the pin position.
21 Short hole; aim it at the green. Very long hitters beware of the water hazard on the left side short of the green.
22 Very short Par 4, but if you walk away with a par, your mission is accomplished. The challenge is to hit this narrow fairway.
23 Long Par 5, and a definite 3 shot hole. Use a drive if you are sure of hitting it straight. Keep the second shot left of the fairway, to have a better view of the green.
24 Short Par 4, but require accuracy, and any shot hit left of this fairway will roll out of bounds.
25 Avoid the bunker on the left, and this hole is conquered.
26 Tough dog-leg left, with the fairway sloping towards the right side. Keep tee shot as close to the left as possible. Keep ball below the hole with your approach shot.
27 Dog-leg left, with plenty of room to the right, but the more you can cut off the left side, the closer you are to the green. Approach shot has water left and bunker right.
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