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Troia Golf Course Pro Overview

by the Course Professional(s)

Hole Professional Tips
1 A short opening hole, that requires more skill the closer one gets to the small and well-bunkered green. Drive is left centre. Second shot must be very precise to negotiate with the well placed bunkers starting some 50 meters before and to right of the green.
2 A good par 3, with a possible upwind straight from the sea. The goal at this hole is mainly to carry the sand that extends between the tee and the green. A wide but shallow bunkered green.
3 With two alternative lines of play, no major obstacles exist to interfere with play. Best drive here is to the right of the tree in the fairway. The approach has to bee well gauged because of the heavy rough that surrounds the green, especially to the left of it.
4 Seemingly short and innocent, this par 3 may cause problems. This is one of the most demanding holes of the course. Short as par 3 goes, but needing a very accurate tee-shot. Out of bounds on the left. Should the shot finish in sand to the right or left of the green, the recovery is always difficult.
5 A medium par 4, with a well bunkered green. A straight drive leaves no problems for the approach. Normally downwind, this hole requires exact placement of the tee-shot.
6 A rather wide but long hole against the wind. There is ample room for the drive. However to get in two on the green a long and very precise second shot is needed. The green is two levelled, uphill and nestled in the hill side to the left the fairway.
7 A long par 5, double dog legged right. For the long hitters the second shot is a long shot straight for the green. For drivers not long enough, the second shot must be very well gauged and is to the left of the fairway.
8 A very short par 4, with a shallow narrow green tightly bunkered, that will cause the most problems here.
9 This is a very fine hole. There is ample room for the drive, but the approach to a very long and narrow beautiful green, tucked in under the pine trees, should be carefully judged.
10 A well-placed tee-shot rather than a long one is important to open up for the approach to the tricky green. The drive should be played to the right of the fairway to have the best angle to attack this difficult green.
11 A tightly bunkered long and narrow green in addition to a lot of surrounding sand makes this a memorable par 3. It is most importance not being short to the right because of the difficult sandpit strategically located.
12 You need an accurate drive here, which is half of the battle because you also need a well played approach shot to hold on the green, that slopes away to the right.
13 A sharp dog leg left that demands a good and well placed drive will open up the approach. Anything else will be ‘three on the green’.
14 A very interesting and beautiful par 5. Dog legging left after the second shot.|Distance here tough it helps is not important, accuracy especially with the second shot, as in all the par 5 of the course, avoiding all the sand near the green is the key for good scoring.
15 A difficult drive and double levelled and enormous green, makes this hole a challenge to get the par.
16 The fairway of this hole is quite wide and the real difficulty appears when the pin is located to the right, because of the bunkers that protect that part of the green.
17 A lavish little hole, that normally plays downwind. Bunkers and waste areas add to the thrill. There is out of bounds at the right and heavy rough on the left. Anyway it is not a long hole and the prevailing wind is helpful.
18 A beautiful finishing hole, that can make or break a score. Try to leave a full sand wedge for your third shot! The secret to par this hole is getting as close as possible of the green so you have left a wedge short pitch to this treacherous green. Here again, as in all the others par 5’s, the placement of the second shot is of paramount importance.
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