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Santo da Serra Golf Pro Overview

by the Course Professional(s)

Hole Professional Tips
1 Dog Leg to the right, wich requires a well placed Drive, leaving a short iron into a difficult Green (inclined).
2 Easy Par 5, with a landing area bellow normally the 2nd shot is to the Green, wich is very difficult to read. This is a very beautifull Hole due to the lake on the left handside.
3 Short Hole with a very difficult approach into a small and shallow Green with two Tiers.
4 One of the most difficult Tee shot on the course. Apart from being a 'Dog Leg' to the rigth. The Fairway slopes steeply to the right. The 2nd shot is a medium to short iron, into a Green wich again requires carefull reading.
5 'Dog Leg' left with a tight landing area short 2nd shot into a difficult Tier Green, well defined by two Bunkers. Again, care has to be taken, when reading this Green.
6 Difficult played, with a long iron into a very difficult Green, wich has 2 Tiers Green wich has slopes and burrows, wich will test golfers of all handicaps.
7 A beautifull but difficult Hole. Wich has a long uphill 2 Tiers Fairway. Played with a Driver and a 3 Wood wich leads a short 3rd shot into a very difficult elevated Green.
8 Tee shot with a medium iron into a Green, with 2 large Bunkers either side. Again needs carefull thought before Putting.
9 Great finishing Hole with a long landing area with a 2nd shot into a large Green.
10 'Dog Leg' to the left, normally being hit with an iron to an ample landing area, 2nd shot with a medium short iron, short to the well defined Green by a Hole to the rigth.
11 Tee shot over the revine, landing area with Bunker to the rigth, 2nd shot normally to the large tricky Green, which requires carefull reading.
12 Excelent 'Dog Leg' to the left with ravine which extends the full length of the Hole. The Tee shot and the 2nd shot needs carefull placing, to ensure an easy 3rd shot into a tricky shallow Green.
13 A spectacular Par 3, played over a revine with a medium to long iron, to a shallow green well defined by 2 Bunkers one on front and one at the rear. As well as being technically challanging this Hole boasts a spectacular view of Madeira landscape.
14 Long Hole with danger both sides, very duifficult 2nd shot into an elevated Green, protected by two large Bunkers.
15 Tight 'Dog Leg' left demands a well placed Tee shot into a narrow Fairway. 2nd shot with medium short iron into a large but narrow green protected by a large Bunker to the rigth.
16 Excellent Par 5, with a Fairway that rises sligthly with a large Fairway Bunker to the rigth. This Hole has a large elevated Green with Bunkers in front.
17 A Par 3 which all players think it is easy but it is not. The long narrow Green is surrounded by Bunkers, and again, great care is required when reading this Green.
18 A long Hole which rises to an elevated Green, requires a good Drive and even better 2nd Shot. The green has two Tiers and is defined by Bunker at the Front.
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