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Salgados Golf Course Pro Overview

by the Course Professional(s)

Hole Professional Tips
1 Par 4: A birdie chance to start your round. Plenty of space to play down the right, but this is semi rough and not always a good lie.
2 Par 5: Difficult par five for most, your second shot is key, maybe hit a shorter second shot or risk a long shot to get nearer the green.
3 Par 3: Plays a little longer than it looks, especially when the flag is at the back.
4 Par 4: Stay left off the tee; no bunkers anywhere.
5 Par 4: Keep your drive down the left , at the back of the green there is water.
6 Par 5: A tough par five, keep your second shot left close to the trees as the water comes in to the fairway.
7 Par 4: Very good par four, don´t be disappointed with a five.
8 Par 3: Very large green so make sure your tee shot is long enough.
9 Par 4: After the first lake down the lake there is another that you can´t see from the teem, but the more you play left the longer your second shot.
10 Par 4: Three deep bunkers left of the fairway, better to avoid off the tee.
11 Par 4: Try not to hit the ball further than the bunker on the right side as the water comes into play.
12 Par 3: Depending on the pin position choosing the right club is important, its important to avoid the bunkers.
13 Par 4: Hit your favourite club onto the fairway then you are left with a short second shot.
14 Par 5: Favour the left side of the fairway off the tee and for your second shot to avoid the water.
15 Par 5: You require two good wood shots to give yourself a chance of a good score.
16 Par 4: After a good drive, you have a chance of a birdie if the flag is at the front of the green, but difficult to get close if the flag is at the back. This green is longer than it looks from the fairway.
17 Par 3: Play to the heart of the green, especially if the flag is at back of the green.
18 Par 4: A birdie chance to finish as a good drive will leave you with a short iron to the green. If the flag is at the back of the green be careful of the back bunker .
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