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Quinta do Vale Golf Course Pro Overview

by the Course Professional(s)

Hole Professional Tips
1 Two water hazards mean that the approach may be tricky, but a combination of precision and daring gives the chance of a birdie.
2 Like all the par 3s of the first half, the 2nd hole is rather demanding. You will need a 6 or 7 iron to reach the green which protected by water.
3 Again, water is present. Your options require precision and a good choice of club is paramount for this hole.
4 The 4th hole is characterised by its dog-leg to the right, making it essential to control the ball well and watch out for the water close by.
5 This demanding hole is surrounded by water but its spectacular views will enchant any golfer. To get over the water hazard which runs along the entire right-hand side of the green, we would recommend a 9 iron.
6 On the approach you should be careful with the bunkers. Like all the par 4s of the course, this hole needs a good deal of precision.
7 Like the 1st and the 3rd, this par 5, with a slight dog-leg to the right, has water hazards that make the approach difficult. However, more daring players are likely to give themselves a birdie chance.
8 With a right-hand dog-leg, this is another hole that requires precision, but it is far from being one of the most difficult holes of this attractive course.
9 This par 3 is characterised by a lake. The hole exemplifies Severiano Ballesteros’ wish to create a course where all the hazards are visible from the tee.
10 At 593m long, this par 5 is distinguished from the others mainly by its length. A slight dog-leg to the left and a green protected by water make this hole a veritable challenge.
11 Like the previous hole, this par 4 has a slight dog-leg to the left. A powerful drive is needed at this hole which is more than 400m long.
12 This hole, with no hidden hazards, can easily be reached with a medium iron.
13 Another opportunity to get a birdie! This long par 5 has a dog-leg to the right and some bunkers which you should watch out for.
14 This hole is another par 3 which you should be able to reach easily. A long iron will ensure that you reach the green with ease.
15 This hole, which should be played from right to left, is another which requires more power than precision as it is over 400m long and unlike most of the holes is has a slight uphill slope.
16 This par 3 is a decisive hole and very demanding. The proximity of water along its 120m will punish bad shots. There may be some birdies, but more likely bogeys and double bogeys.
17 With a dog-leg to the left, this is without a doubt one of the easiest holes of the course. It’s a birdie hole, without too many dangers. However, it’s worth being prudent: don't hit the second shot too hard so as not to go out of bounds.
18 This is a short hole which requires precision so as not to go into the water hazards. A slope on the left-hand side of the fairway which drops into a lake next to the green will punish a bad shot. The choice of club is crucial to avoid double bogeys. The whole green has a natural slope towards the water which makes the hole spectacular - in truth it makes a beautiful natural amphitheatre. This hole was conceived thinking of top competitions, as thousands of spectators can watch not only from both sides of the fairway but also behind this phenomenal green to watch the final shots of the game.
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