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Quinta da Barca

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Quinta da Barca Pro Overview

by the Course Professional(s)

Hole Professional Tips
1 Next to Putting Green is the first hole, a 303 m. long Par 4. With your first shot you must avoid the bunkers on your left. With your approach shot to the long and undulating green be careful. It is bordered by bunkers on the right.
2 The second hole has the first lake, to the left of the green. Beside this water obstacle, on the right there's a bunker. Precision is required!
3 The most difficult hole, and the longest one, is a 336 m. Par 4, with a narrow fairway between pines and eucalyptus. The green is protected on the left by two bunkers.
4 After the long Par 4, comes the shortest hole, a Par 3. But you can't be careless; this green is surrounded by bunkers.
5 The first shot is from an elevated tee and there is a bunker guarding the right of the green. Trying to avoid this obstacle can put you in a difficult chipping area. It´s a two tiered green, so when you choose your club be aware of the pin position.
6 This is the most beautiful hole on the the course with the Cavado River bordering the right, a lake on the left of the fairway, and the green tucked between a bunker and the river.
7 The 7th is the longest Par 3 at 154 m. It demands precision because the green is between a lake on one side and pines that separate this hole from the 8's fairway.
8 This Par 4, 275 m. hole has a dog leg right protected by a lake. Long drivers have the opportunity to play over the water, for a chip + putt birdie. Be aware the river is right behind the green.
9 Considered the hardest Par 3, the 9th is 150 m. long, with the Cavado River on the right and a bunker on the left of the green. Be careful, if you play secure to the left (escaping the water) you might find the Driving Range, and that's Out of Bounds. The green is difficult to read with complicated putting lines. A good challenge to end the course!
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