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Penha Longa Atlantic Championship

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Penha Longa Atlantic Championship Pro Overview

by the Course Professional(s)

Hole Professional Tips
1 A superb looking opening hole. Try to place your tee shot just to the right of the huge bunker positioned down the left side of the fairway. Second shot needs to be high onto an elevated green.
2 Your tee shot should keep to the right side of the fairway to give a good view of the green. Always play one more club than you think necessary when there is a head wind.
3 This dog-leg hole is not very long but the huge bunkers (six in all to negotiate) come into play. Keep to the side of the fairway with your tee-shot and a 9 iron or wedge will put you on the green.
4 A straight tee shot here is required to avoid the large bunker on the right. A good par 4 hole which can play very long at times. This green is 41 meters in length, so putting is never easy.
5 Your tee shot is played from an elevated tee which gives the impression of a foreshortened distance. Beware not to under-club when the flag is at the back of this very long green.
6 This par 5 hole is not particularly long but trouble lurks all down the hole to the green with large bunkers to catch a sliced tee-shot and a huge lake on the left of the green. Try to keep well right with your second shot if you are not going for the green. (Water Hazard)
7 A great par 3 hole with a lake down the right side almost from tee to back of the green. A well placed bunker on the front left of the green makes for a well struck straight tee shot. (Water Hazard)
8 This par 5 plays very long as the second shot is uphill and very well bunkered. The long hitter may try to cut the corner with the tee shot but is has to be well struck and then you have a chance to reach the green in two. (Water Hazard)
9 Again bunkers on the left and right side of the fairway are a danger if your drive is straight. Always hit one more club than you think necessary for your next shot (very deceptive). A good 'thinking' hole.
10 This par 4 hole is reasonably straightforward. Keep to the right with your drive and you will have a good view of the green.
11 A superb golf hole. A great par 4 with out of bounds down the right of the hole. Narrow fairway and raised green. If you make a 4 here it will feel like a birdie. Much concentration needed.
12 Another long par 5 hole. Three good shots for the average golfer. Numerous bunkers to avoid especially in front of the green. Make sure your approach shot to the green is long enough, and the bank at back will throw your ball back on to the green.
13 This dog-leg right hole is not long but fairly tricky. There is a large bunker on the right side of the fairway. Uphill second shot needs to be well played to hold the green.
14 A very good par 4 hole. Your drive should be aimed to finish on right side of the fairway making the second shot easier, which also favors a shot coming in from right to left.
15 Very good golfers will not find this hole a pushover. Played over water all the way to the green the club selection varies from driver to 7 iron depending on the wind. (Water Hazard)
16 This is probably the toughest par 4 on the course. A great golfing hole. From an elevated tee your uphill second shot which you must pitch on to the green. Trouble on both sides on this hole.
17 A nice par 3 going downhill to a long narrow green. The bunker on front right of the green is waiting to catch your ball. Hit one more club than you think necessary.
18 A par 5 to finish, with the Palace and Club House in the background. A good driving hole (narrow fairway). Beware of huge bunker on right when you play second shot. Always hit two more clubs than you think necessary from 150 meters or more.
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