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Gramacho Golf Course Pro Overview

by the Course Professional(s)

Hole Professional Tips
1 A picturesque tee shot. Lay up short of the central rock and tree outcrop, to leave a flighted short iron second.
2 OB right is the danger off the tee. A long uphill second leaves a short pitch over a nest of sand traps.
3 Anything straight is good off the tee! The 2nd shot to the green should be a short iron.
4 Think of leaving an uphill putt on this testing par 3.
5 A great par 4. There is no shame in playing it as an easy 5! Two good shots needed to make an orthodox par.
6 A par 5 with a tree in the middle of the fairway. Use a drive to get past the tree or place your ball slightly short to the left to allow for a second shot on a downhill lie. This will open the way for that green.
7 A fine par 3 from an elevated tee. Club selection is vital. The wind always comes in to play.
8 Short par 4 with an easy 2nd shot if you place your ball on the centre right of the fairway.
9 Over the left hand tree is the line off the tee. The uphill second is all carry, beware the deep greenside bunkers.
10 An impressive par 3, stroke 9 and quite a picturesque hole, probably one of the most pretty areas on the course. Don't be fooled by how straight it seems, you'll have uneven ground and a lake to content with.
11 Dogleg left, stroke 13. At 374 metres off the whites, just get that ball onto the fairway.
12 A real par 5, long and uphill, dogleg right, which means you have a blind shot to the green.
13 A par 4, stroke 15. Placing your ball on the fairway you will have a very elevated green where you can add two more clubs to your distance.
14 A stroke 7, par 4 with greens very well protected by bunkers. Because of these bunkers you'll have more trouble if your ball lands short so long is your best bet.
15 A par 3 on an elevated tee. Quite problem-free.
16 A par 4 and the course's stroke 1. Very tricky, you'll need a good drive to play it straight and narrow to avoid sand hazards on the left and bushes on your right.
17 A short par 4. Leave your driver on the bag and use your best club to place the ball on the fairway.
18 A par 5 with a hard tee shot due to trees and rocks on an uphill fairway and 3 deep bunkers. Very elevated green.
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