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Real players reviews on Espiche Golf Course

  • Carlos Ferreira 2012-04-25 17:15:11

    Espiche Golf is a brand new course just North of Lagos. To get there you have to drive past Lagos and through the village of Espiche.

    At the moment you will find there is only the course and a kind of check-in point, although a clubhouse is in the plans.

    The 18 hole par 72 golf course is located on a hill and offers splendid views across Monchique mountains and is surrounded by the Algarve beautiful countryside. The holes have quite an interesting layout but perhaps due to the fact that it is still a very young course, with a limited investment, you go from fairway straight into the rough, which makes the ball search difficult. The course misses a generous 1st and 2nd cuts to prevent that from happening.

    The course has quite a few blind holes, which is a bit of a disadvantage for those who tend to hit long drives because you simply have no clue of where the ball is going to land. The fact that it's almost always windy also doesn't help.

    The greens vary a lot in shapes and sizes and are quite slopy, which make them very interesting, however they are also quite irregular because of the choice of grass, which in this particular case, doesn't grow in the winter. The good news is that the dry season is almost here and so there is a chance that this is a temporary situation.

    This first group of golfers were with the Chez Carlos Golf Society and overall everyone thoroughly enjoyed it. It's not a championship course but it does provide a very pleasant experience, particularly with such a beautiful landscape of wild flowers as your backdrop. As Walter Hagen once said, 'never hurry, never worry, and always remember to smell the flowers along the way'.

    Carlos Ferreira

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