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Castro Marim Golf Course Pro Overview

by the Course Professional(s)

Hole Professional Tips
1 The opening hole has one of the most testing tee shots on the course. If you avoid the out of bounds on the left and can hit the narrow fairway, you must still negotiate the uphill second shot to a well-guarded green.
2 The 2nd is a beautiful downhill par 3. It has a lake protecting the back of the green and a bunker on the left side. The distant mountains can distract you from the tee shot, but if you stay to the left side you may find your ball ends up on the green.
3 From the back tee this tee shot is not for the faint hearted. You must firstly traverse the lake, a few trees and hit the ball straight enough to find the fairway. Once on the fairway you can try to cut the corner to get to this par 5 in two. If you miss-hit the shot however, you can say goodbye to your ball.
4 Avoid the huge bunker on the left and you will be left with an uphill second to a green that is well protected at the front. The shot is deceptively long, and the large bunker can easily gather in your ball, which will leave a tricky third to this fast sloping green.
5 The 5th is a downhill par 4 with spectacular views towards the Atlantic Ocean and the Spanish town of Ayamonte. Leave your ball short of the large lake to set up your second shot to a fairly small green.
6 The 6th is one of the most difficult holes on the course. The tee shot is again over a lake and must be long to have any chance of reaching the green in two. The hole goes uphill all the way, and the bunker at the front is one of the busiest on the course.
7 This is a simple looking downhill par 3. If however you miss it to the right you may find the ball goes in the water. The green is very long, and this can make club selection difficult especially when the wind blows.
8 A fairly short par 4 that rewards a straight tee shot over the hill. The second is uphill, so it is difficult to see the bottom of the flag. This hole should be one of the easier holes to make a birdie.
9 A narrow tee shot with out of bounds on the left means that accuracy from the tee is paramount. The second is uphill to a green that slopes from back to front. If you go past the hole you will be left with the fastest putt on the course, and two putting will be a good result.
10 The tee shot must again be accurate to avoid the bunkers on the right that lie in wait. The second is again uphill to a very well protected green. If you miss the green to the right you will find the ball bounces downhill leaving a very tricky pitch.
11 This is another beautiful hole with stunning views towards the Ocean. The tee shot must be carefully positioned to leave a pitch over the lake guarding the front of the green, anything short will end up in the water.
12 The 3rd is one of the easier holes on the course. The second is uphill and finding the right level on this two-tiered green is imperative if you are to have a good chance of holing the putt.
13 This is the shortest hole on the course that has 360º panoramic views of Spain and Portugal. If you miss the green on either side you will hit the slope and bounce away from the green. From there you have a real problem saving par.
14 The longer hitters can cut the corner making this hole play much shorter than the card says. The shot is high risk, but if you manage it you still have a tricky second to a green protected by a large lake on the left side.
15 The long hitters can aim straight for the green, and if they avoid the two deep bunkers at the front of the green they will have their reward. Anything short will leave an approach that is difficult to judge.
16 The bold will hit a wood from the tee, the more conservative will play safe to the top of the hill. Avoid going left where water lies in wait. The second is downhill to a green that is difficult to hold.
17 This is a beautiful par 3, framed by umbrella pine trees and a huge lake at the back of the green and on the left side. The tee shot is downhill and the wind coming from the Ocean tends to make club selection difficult.
18 A great closing hole with one of the most testing tee shots on the course. If you find the fairway, the hole swings uphill to the left and requires two solid hits to set up a third to a fast sloping green. The green is surrounded by bunkers and finishing your round with a par is always a good result.
19 A carefully placed tee shot is needed to find the corner of this sharp dog-leg. The 2nd shot is then uphill to a large green with a bunker guarding the front right.
20 A lovely looking par 3 played downhill. Club selection will be hard especially if the wind is blowing from the elevated tee.
21 An intimidating looking tee shot with the large lake on the right and oob on the left. A really well hit drive should carry the hill leaving an uphill second to a semi blind green.
22 This hole has a really links golf feel. The tee shot is downhill to a wide fairway. The long hitters will get up in 2 shots, but it will play very long if the wind is in your face.
23 This hole has to be carefully thought out. If you cut off the corner you will shorten the 2nd shot, but the risk is high. The cautious player will play down the middle and then play the hole as a genuine 3 shot par 5.
24 The green here is very narrow, so hit the green and be happy.
25 A good drive should get over the small hill leaving a short iron to a large green protected at the front by a small stream.
26 A wonderful looking tee shot over a large lake to a wide fairway. The 2nd shot is uphill to a 2 tiered green that will require good judgement of distance.
27 A long tee shot is needed to get to the corner of this dogleg. If you make it you will be rewarded with a simple short iron to a large green.
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