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Boavista Golf Course Pro Overview

by the Course Professional(s)

Hole Professional Tips
1 Benevolent opening hole, downhill to a generous fairway. Try to avoid the three guarding the green!
2 Short par 3 to a raised green well-protected by bunkers and indigenous fig and olive trees.
3 A par 5 which plays long as the fairway extends away uphill. An accurate drive is critical, as is the second shot, to ensure a clear line in to the green.
4 Think hard about club selection on this par 3 to avoid playing either short or long. The remains of a wall seem to encroach on the left; a hollow yawns to the right and there's not much leeway behind the green.
5 Although a relatively short par 4 the tee shot must be good to set up the second to carry the extensive bunker to the front of the green.
6 Magnificent par 3 playing across a deep ravine to a heavily stepped green. Keep your head down and play for the flag taking into account the sharply stepped green.
7 The spectacular views out over Luz Bay out to Sagres may well be distracting. Don't be tempted to take the tiger line, cutting across the corner of this right-handed dog-leg, you may end up in unnecessary trouble!
8 A critical drive here at this downhill par 5. A deep ravine bisects the fairway. It's your decision; lay up - 'safety first' - or go straight for the carry. Either way the second shot is uphill making the chance of reaching the green potentially difficult.
9 A gentle par 4 but look out for the waiting fairway bunker. The green is generous but reaching it is via a narrow tongue of fairway and intrusive bunkers to the either side. A good shot in is critical.
10 A long par 4, 400m off the white tees and dog-leg left. Keep the drive right (avoiding the bunker!), and go for it over the deep hollow in the fairway. The green slopes towards you, so commitment to the shot is essential.
11 A testing par 3. This is a tough hole mainly because of the prevailing winds. As you stand on the tee, the green is virtually out of sight bringing with it an element of doubt as you reach for a club.
12 A testing uphill par 4 which turns slightly away left-handed. Two bunkers potentially deter trying to cut the corner and the approach shot must fly the green side bunkers.
13 A downhill par 5 with breathtaking views. The stream which crosses the fairway, in front of the green, is more than just attractive, testing the nerves as you decide on your strategy for the second shot.
14 A very long par 3 off the championship tees, and also long enough for the rest of us off any of the forward tees! Slightly downhill and to a generous green but the lake to the front demands a committed tee shot. Not for the faint-hearted.
15 A tricky, uphill, par 4. You drive out over the lake to a narrow landing area. The green is well elevated with bunkers to the front, so the second shot must really attack the middle of the green.
16 Set at the highest point on the course, this is stunning par 5. A 'blind' drive leads you to the point of address for the second shot and the total panoramic view which is Boavista. Aim for the narrow band of fairway between two generous bunkers for the approach shot, then it's just a chip and a putt!
17 A short par 4. However, water bounds the fairway to the right and at the front of the green, which is narrow and elevated. Keep to the left for the drive and keep your head down as you play your second shot.
18 A tough closing hole. Par 4, uphill, dog-leg right, with scattered olive trees and strategic bunkers on the right if you try to be too greedy! The generous, undulating fairway should be your target for the drive, whilst the second shot to the green may be confusing, taking those very contours into consideration.
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