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Balaia Golf Course Pro Overview

by the Course Professional(s)

Hole Professional Tips
1 A downhill pitch to a small green guarded by a pond. This is a scenic starting hole, where feel for distance is at a premium. Long is safer than short!
2 Only a good strike will reward the player on this testing hole. The tee and green are at the same elevation but between is a tree-lined stream, which must be carried. The green is protected by a frontal sand trap. Par is a good score here.
3 An uphill shot to a green defended by a deep frontal sand trap. The ability to flight the ball high will gain rewards here.
4 A fine par 3, which enjoys a superb cork tree, short left of the green. A gentle draw on to the undulating green is the safest shot. Two sand traps to the right, luck to catch the push or slice.
5 Reversing direction to the east, this is another test of accuracy. The green set in mounds, is protected by a sand trap on the front right.
6 A downhill pitch to a green, which is not deep. Traps at the front and rear add to the need for good judgement of distance. Any over-hit shot will land in the stream behind the green.
7 The pleasant walk over a bridge brings the player to the demanding 7th. A long shot along a plateau with the green in a bowl below. Small pines and a sand trap, guard the front of the green. Any shot realign the green is a very good one!
8 Heading to the North in the direction of the attractive clubhouse, this hole requires a solidly struck shot. Two sand traps guard the front and left of the green. Friendly banking will help the shot which is only slightly off-line, but will add to the difficulty of the second shot, for any stoke more than twenty metres from the target.
9 Running parallel to the 1st hole, the pond is again in play. There is 'bale-out' space on the right but a tricky chip then faces the faint-hearted. The rear left of the green sports a sand trap, to make any left of centre flag position, a test of carry distance.
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