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Alto Golf Course Pro Overview

by the Course Professional(s)

Hole Professional Tips
1 Don't underestimate this par 3 opener. The wind plays a big factor to club selection with danger at the front left via a bunker and a steep drop away at the back. Be certain to check the pin placement of the day here as the green is the longest on the golf course measuring 36 metres from front to back and thus possibly a 2 club difference!
2 The second, a 348 metre par 4 which slightly dog-legs to the left, features the old bread oven pictured on the front of the scorecard; your tee shot needs to aim in that direction to the left side of the fairway, because the fairway slopes gently away to the right. A good drive will leave a midiron for an enticing approach shot to the green.
3 The third was originally the first of five par 5 holes on Alto and plays across one of the valleys. It has now been reclassified as a par 4 and measuring nearly 400 metres, it’s now one of the hardest holes on the course. Aim your drive to the left centre of the fairway - beware water lurking around the corner to the right and OB to the left. The approach to the green is uphill all the way, be careful of the bunkers at the front and right side of the green. The green slopes from back to front and is normally very fast, a real test of nerves.
4 The par 4, 400 metre fourth requires a precise tee shot, aimed to the right hand side of the fairway over the trees. This gives you the perfect line, up hill into the green, which is guarded by one bunker. A water hazard on the right will also test the nerves and your driving skill.
5 Either hit the driver from the tee with a fade off the bunker or a well struck fairway wood down the tree line will suffice. From the fairway you can reach this par five in two, take caution though as there is out of bounds left.
6 Select placement over power from the tee aiming down the right side, this should leave you with a long iron uphill approach shot to a narrow target...Good Luck!
7 The first of three tremendous golf holes to close the front nine, a long iron will be needed here possibly a fairway wood for some players as this par 3 measures 187 Metres. The green is elevated and crowned, which means that chipping close can be difficult. A par is certainly worthy of celebration.
8 Positioning your drive is important here. A long iron to the left of the fairway bunker or alternatively drive over the bunker on the right hand side. This will leave you a short iron to an elevated green which has a slope running down the middle from back to front and a ridge dividing left from right.
9 Good position off the tee is recommended once more, left you have the bunker and out of bounds running the length of the hole and right you have trees that will welcome any ball faded too much. You need two big shots to hit this crowned green in two.
10 The par 4 tenth has a blind tee shot, and all you seem to be able to see is the rising fairway and the trees that overhang it. If you can get over the hill the ball should run on nicely, although the road on the right is out of bounds. A good drive along the tree line will leave you a midiron second shot to an elevated green – club selection is vital.
11 This par three is straight down the hill so plays shorter than it measures. A club difference from back to front to this generous target, however, if missed the bunkers are ready and waiting in particular the one to the front for anything short.
12 Similar length to eleven, watch out for the pot bunker, sand cuts well into your target.
13 Three Blind Mice. The next three holes all have blind tee shots. The 13th is a good test of golf for any standard of player and you will need two good shots to be on this green in regulation. Keep away from the out of bounds running down the right and out of the trees to the left. The green is elevated – anything wide for a second shot will be punished by the surrounding trees and anything short might result in you finding the ball back at your feet.
14 At the fourteenth it’s possible to hit the green in one – walk forward from the tee box and check out the green for position, then grip it and rip it! A long iron or fairway wood gives a short iron to the green. Check pin placement, as this large green could leave you in three-putt territory but when teeing off beware of those in front on the 15th tee.
15 On the fifteenth, you are faced with an uphill view and the parish marker – aim slightly left as the right is out of bounds. Once over the hill, everything falls away. The approach must be spot on for length again if you want the birdie, as the sloping two tiered green is a challenge in itself.
16 The monster 16th, only 604 metres stands between you and the hole at this test. The tee shot must be down the right avoiding the water at all cost. The landing area leaves you a blind second, try to keep it straight up the fairway and beware of the cross fairway gully at second shot distance. The green is surrounded by bunkers and slopes, so you need to be accurate with your third or fourth.
17 The seventeenth is another great test of your game. At 160 metres it doesn’t seem too difficult, but the small target is guarded by a bunker to the right front and left back and there’s a very steep slope on the left. It’s probably best not to miss this green!
18 The final hole and the final par 5 at Alto and no push over. Fire away with the driver down the right side. Placement is vital on the lay up if you are going to make birdie here. Find the top of the ridge and the centre of the fairway - from there you will be able to see all of the green guarded by just the one bunker.
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